Infinite Dec 29 2017 7:03 am wooooh..!! Lean Zyra Feb 16 2018 9:29 pm yutaerin Jan 30 2018 11:51 am Even the baby is funny hahaha....the 3 guys are hilarious..and gwh is another born comedian.... all the episodes are series of laughter...just the type that you need after coming home from a hard day’s work. Good thing it was extended, cause it really deserves to be. [Soo Yeon's father] (Eps. Xi May 05 2020 1:59 pm Funniest K_drama I've ever seen! It aired on JTBC's Mondays and Tuesdays at 21:30 time slot from March 25 to May 14, 2019. ? ELFMonbebe_ Mar 20 2018 1:08 am Totally boring!! I want to take a photo outside of the building when I go to SoKor this year. The actor who stood out the most was Lee Yi-Kyung especially when there is an audition for a role he shows how flexible he is with his character. Molen Feb 28 2018 2:10 am For me it's boring. Welcome to Waikiki. I just started to watch this drama yesterday. W4GRB.user_rating=new Array(); Gift Feb 15 2018 9:11 am He has his own charm and looks great in any hair style. The cast act great and the couples are the best.Honestly this drama is why I look forward to Mondays. Well it should airingseason 2 on foreign country then lol and what happen next week?no preview means what? Also, the two top Hallyu actors were cast in this high budget drama. And the baby is just so adorable! This drama brings joy. This was one of the best comedy drama I have ever seen. I even suggested it to few of my close friends who are not into korean dramas, and guess what? Theresa Mar 18 2018 8:20 pm the first episode was really funny hahahahahahhahahaha cant wait for the next episode ❤❤, MinA Feb 05 2018 8:16 am Sem Apr 04 2018 5:32 am I'm so embarrassed I get off the next station hahaha...kindly reminder, don't think about it when your in public, much less don't watch it in public! and i think this drama doesn't need min soo ah to appear again. ? I'm like a baby without its dummie whah whah whah whah whah I'm throwing my toys out of the cot!!! Nux Mar 06 2018 6:15 am and that's not even to mention all the cameos and how wonderfully they're all executed. New young people appeared at Waikiki Guest House. This drama so funny, i like all the cast. I can't wait! I am highly recommending this show. Currently trying some other dramas which had same vibe with this drama. I really lov this drama......verymuch entertainientertaining ....lov every chatacter ....script ...too much fun, H Mar 21 2018 5:56 am Upcoming guest house drama "Laughter in Waikiki" has cast the ladies to balance our its gents and now the series has also released script reading photos showing off its full main cast. TT.TT Season 3 pls!! I'm always stressed with school. :D. Fly To Sky Mar 11 2018 3:57 am It will be hard to top it! ☺️. Everything felt familiar with Welcome to Waikiki 2. I only know two of the casts coz I've watched 'Go Back Couple' and 'Strongest Delivery Man' so this drama is refreshing for me. All the character get the same airtime and all character so energetic lol. It is so funny ? Seo Hye-Jin - Kim Hyo-Jung. I hope for season 2,3,4,5.......ahaha..seriously i wish for another season! [CDATA[ He shows his charming side despite being bullied by everyone in the group. I have to say the casting is just on point so much that I can't imagine anyone else taking the role. Where is the exact guesthouse located? "Welcome To Waikiki" is back with a season 2! They were all great.. Insanely funny!!! oooh love this cast, teukik Dec 17 2017 11:05 pm Korean Title: 사이코지만 괜찮아. I think Sol's father is actually Dong gu.. koolguyj Mar 11 2018 8:21 am Summary: It tells the romance of a mermaid and a son of a rich businessman turned into a con-man. Great cast, everyone is doing a great job of their character and the writers must have great sense of comedic timing and humour. Can someone help me where I can watch the Season 1? Lee Yi-Kyung at it's best... :) He really know how to portray the character just love the he is! The plot sounds promising despite the not so well known casts. Bia Jun 29 2018 3:06 am Really looking forward to the next episodes! Mon Sep 30 2020 7:46 am Epic! 20 episodes - Mon, Tue 23:00 Also known as "Go Go Waikiki" Synopsis A sitcom centering on a group of people living in a guest house named "Waikiki" in … I don't know if there will be something going on between them but I can wish , right ? Main Cast 1. Omg!! I can take out of my stress. bye xxx xxx. Anim Feb 13 2018 7:41 pm (Ep 1). Love waikiki May 13 2018 9:53 am I like to called these "filler episodes" but overall, I still enjoyed this drama. Welcome to Waikiki - Episode 1. Lee Yi-Kyung is the only main cast member from season 1 of "Welcome to Waikiki" to appear in season 2. Seriously, this is one of the funniest drama i've ever watched. I really love this drama. I wasn't really expecting anything when I started watching this show but this became the best comedy drama of the year for me! The first season of this hilarious drama was quite popular overseas. it's all incredible! Hyeonji Apr 17 2018 2:33 pm // R Ashwin Ipl 2019 Team, George Mason Soccer Division, Taken On Amazon Prime, James Rodriguez Otw Fifa 21 Futwiz, Euro To Taka, Real Estate Kingscliff,