And then secondly there are the perfect clarity, full color, detail-better-than-real-life visualizations. — I haven’t used this skill on a daily basis. In terms of memory, I love this one exercise. From time to time, color spots appeared: purple (many times), yellow and pink once. Are the only shapes distinguishable after a full month of training. Of course you can choose some relaxing meditation music to boost your level of relaxation while doing the other exercises. Thank you for pointing out this simple truth and for taking steps to help others develop this amazing ability! Maybe you could use the video’s images as after-images. And…it works! I tried with part 2 and 3 but na. Grab a piece of paper and draw a basic geometric shape on it. So I was wondering would trying to visualize problems and solve them using visualization be worth using as a technique to practice or do you think it best to just stick with the known ones that work that you listed. No matter how hard you try to imagine yourself a different color, you’ll stay the same. Have you every heard of anything like that before? You should dedicate some weeks or even months to regular practice before complaining that it “doesn’t work”. Or, when I think about traveling a certain route with a goal in mind, I do this subconsciously. It may work better for you to focus on a specific location. # — Even though I’ve been practicing for only a few days, I have a feeling I’m able to hold onto the after image for a fraction of a second longer… sometimes. In order to visualize and manifest the kind of life you want, it's very important to have a clear idea of what you want and why. Anyhow, I managed to bring up two of “my words” in my mind randomly, which is an amazing improvement. Hi Luke! Funny – I never noticed what exactly “visualization/imagination” means for people. Can I follow you? The weird thing is that I need to feel movement for me to see it. Some black and white images seem to work for me, though not the whole image. I can resize them a little bit and I can rotate them. What does the environment look like? I guess the contrast helps. # — By practicing again, again and again or are there any special methods on internalization ? I should also start exercise #2 (solid colors). (Please see my answer above) I encourage you to experiment with it. Could you give us some feedback about this product? The images are more like silhouettes or outlines moving about behind a cloud of black fog. I really wanted this to work and kept an open mind throughout, even towards the end when it was becoming very clear that it was not working for me. That explains why I can imagine objects in the correct color, but could never see objects I was looking at on my screen to appear in the correct color. Learn how to visualize. I finally began to realize that I had a natural ability to feel feelings and emotions of people around me. What if you can’t Visualize? Then, while you visualize, can you try focusing on the center of your head? I’m working on the dreams right now, but your comments about goals is interesting. But, if you stick to daily practice sessions, dedicate a few minutes each day, you’ll be greatly rewarded with new and beautiful skill. Keep on using your mind’s eye every single day. In this 6 days my visualisation was so weak again. This is my new toy! Personally, I started rehearsing my future goals with their associated actions — finally in vivid detail and clarity. It was even the wrong colour (meant to be purple) and only 1-2 cm in diameter but still a pleasant surprise because prior to that it has always (and still) been very dark colours. My words are almost all written in red (and green) because I can’t seem to see this colour in my mind. That they may see things they don’t want to and sometimes visuals come unbidden. I’d like you to try this guided mediation/hypnosis from Michael Sealey. I tried to picture more complicated shapes but are too blurry and faded to distinguish them. Observe these objects, their details and texture in real life and bring them into your routine. 1. Like a nameplate or some decoration? Here’s one of my favortie videos. I do two things, I either stare at the whole image, then close my eyes and try to hold the afterimage as long as possible, or I stare at the hedges until I start seeing shapes (usually faces) and try to hold onto them as long as I can. Morning: candle + images on my iMac + geometric shapes on paper + colors (printed paper) Now, i am not sure, i spend 1,5 month witch visualisation, first 1 hour per day, now, 30 min per day, and my visualisation skill is still weak, just little bit stronger than at start. So practising visualisation durning brain degeneration and without hormones may be impossible form my experience 4. Thought I was missing something and was suppose to see stuff behind closed eyelids like a projection screen haha. Take a blank sheet of paper and draw a simple geometric shape on it, such as a circle. Describe it all as if you’d have it right in front of you. (Don’t forget you are not trying to see it with your eyes, it feels to be residing “somewhere else”, at least in the beginning of practice) As soon as the image begins to fade, open your eyes and look at the real drawing. Please keep in mind – you’ll need patience. Once I was able to see anything at all, I worked on both abilities, more or less simultaneously, and they supported each other in terms of “increased focus and image control.” I didn’t start out with those abillities but had lack of focus and fragile control over them. I used a candle today. Playfulness Aphantasia is a condition characterized by an inability to voluntarily visualize mental imagery. However, a large reason why I am depressed right now is because I cannot visualize, and keep failing school consequently. Do you have any tips for this? Since then, I have stumbled on a single YouTube video that recommends a technique similar to your ‘Copy a Candle’ exercise. Brandon, If you really get bored with any of these exercises, try to get some variation. “Recording Ability” Storing away visual information in great detail — requires training of analyzation, focus, careful observation and perception. Took a longer than intended break. If you can while you’re dreaming, maybe there’s some change in consciousness happening, even if it isn’t sleep. Unfortunately I’m still struggling. I really haven’t touched it much in past years except for a few times. Despite all this, I’ve made no real progress in the last 4 months or so. That line is a little bit greenish, I can rotate any direction and move around but that’s it. I usually see green, yellow or purple, less often red or blue. 1. If so, then you know mental images. His brain was not affected in any way otherwise; it was only a cardiac procedure. For example, I’ve found that I (first consciously, later automatically) began to use it when reading a book. If you followed my exercises and you made any progress at all… Would you please leave me a comment about your exact experience? We know some people can’t conjure up mental images. I’ve heard of a lot of people getting very relaxed or sleepy when they do visualisation exercises. Progress continues to be mixed. When you are able to start seeing an image can your mind automatically rotate that image or is their some exercises out their to practice mental rotation. You should do this at least 30 times during one practice session. I’ll be posting later when my brain finally will release from that hashimoto chains, For example, I am unable to see the shapes I’ve drawn on piece of paper (ironwheal’s first exercise) because the white piece of paper appears black to me so I can’t see anything I’ve drawn. Let’s do color. Alhough I never pay attention to the candle itself, only to the flame, in the after image I often see the solid outline of candle and only a tiny glowing yellow part of the flame, which is never the same size or shape as the actual flame. Just think about the idea of how something would look like. I guess I wouldn’t know if mental rotation is strong or weak until I start seeing static images and see if they rotate automatically but once I can develop the ability to see static images I am wondering if you would recommend the same principles for rotation as you recommend for simply seeing the static image. Keep practicing and you’ll gain both clarity and stability. P.S. I’m a gymnast. Like I said, I have yet to hear from anyone whose mental imagery turned on all of a sudden from doing exercises like this. Here, I'm rambling about life, reading, self-improvement, digital nomadism and anything else that I'm passionate about. I would love to connect with you and share my results. Anyway in these 40 days i missed some days, even 2-4 in a row where i didn’t practice ( for lazyness or because in some days i had too many thoughts to focus on visualization). After you get well accustomed to this idea, everything tends to go on just fine. But before start i have to make you two questions: As mentioned above, lucid dreams can come sporadically and "naturally" in people with aphantasia. Thanks again. “Could you sense that without having to tell your self that I was going North driving straight now I am going west, in order to get back going north I must make a right.”, “Did you have to talk yourself through those things before you begin “imaging” in your mind or is mental rotation nd mental imaging a different skill and not something where you have to have the mental image before mental rotation”. I find I’ve made progress, but I do wish the images were longer than 30 sec. It’s a great training for your visualization skill plus you imprint your wins to your subconscious mind. Thanks for putting up this post. I started doing these exercises 3 days ago and have only had success with the first three, with a tiny bit of success with the fourth, and none at all with the fifth. #1. – After ~90 minutes, I could do it in my room (semi-dark, light from my iMac only) I really enjoyed the tune and tried to youtube the song while dreaming but to no avail. I will try the conversation’s exercise and i will continue to train visualiation and i will let you know my progress. Also, 3-5 minutes of breathing practice greatly improve visualization results energizing your body and calming your mind. I’m also doing the geometric shape exercise a few times each week. Work it through the above mentioned algorithm: first study it visually, then close your eyes and visualize it in front of you. Because of that I stopped doing it. I would love to hear about your progress. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to recreate this. At the beginning, when you couldn’t visualize almost nothing, how you did the exercises then ? Never have I referenced an image seen in my mind’s eye. I dont worry even if after 6 months or more i couldn’t get pictures becouse i know there should be something wrong! If you’re also someone that has trouble with using visualization I recommend trying to use your feelings instead. I feel you’re on the right track! Now I think probably this would have been the beginnings of some dream (i.e. This is a great foundation training to perceive afterimages in your mind’s eye. Take a deep breath and release any muscular tension. Closed my eyes quickly and the iMac screen faded in few milliseconds (I’ve noticed this effect for years, I knew is the photon effect on my eye so I never been interested in it). Observe the circle for 10-15 seconds, then close your eyes and try to hold the image as long as possible. Be very specific. What can you get out of it? Maybe it happens more often or more forcefully to those that struggle with visualising. This is the 3rd day and was terrible (~8 hours of training). Observe with great care for some time and later recall as much as possible on paper. Yes, that’s right. What are they wearing? Thank you very much Marko for your response! Yesterday I listened to the guided mediation/hypnosis from Michael Sealey you recommended (in the comments on 7/13/2016). DAY #1 (1,5 hours): First 10-15 minutes I had no results. This is what I mean by not controlling images as a child. Try visualiying the scenes of the guided meditations. I did the same for ~1.5 hours. Marko, after one week practice with candle and shapes I finally started seeing “after image”. Anyway, yeah, I just wanted to know if doing the afterimage exercises led to being able to create mental images at will? Thank you a lot for your support, I really apreciate it. But I could see the surroundings, the sunny areas in my room (in a negative way, no details). Before you practice, at the very least, do an instant body scan. 3) Just before going to sleep two nights ago, a clear image came to me and I was able to hold it for three seconds, which may not sound like much, but is about twice as long as I’ve done before. I kept listening over and over again to one audio that resonated with me most (the Sanctuary and actually one of Middle Earth Meditations) and suddenly I could ‘see’ parts of the guided environment very clearly. Obviously you need to be able to see the mental image before rotating it but once you are able to develop more clarity of an image in your mind you are trying to picture how would mental rotation work. Setting Goals. Never knew that people actually “see” things in their head like I do in my dreams. I also purchased the $14 “self hypnosis” from the link – same effect but feels like I’m falling asleep (I’m not very present in the moment – is more like a trance, at some point I don’t hear the voice anymore). However, when I turned away this once and opened my eyes and stared at a white wall in my room, I felt like I saw a shadow resembling the flame of the candle, but with no colours. When it’s not appearing as a black circle on a light background, I see a black circle on a reddish background. After some lines and paragraphs close your eyes and try to picture whatever you have just read. Sometimes, I “see” things that aren’t directly in my field of vision, but the images tend to be extraordinarily dim, almost to the point of invisibility (it’s very hard to describe, but maybe this is what visualization is as described by ironwheal?). I would stick to what you’ve already got and level it up by deepening your sessions. Practice with your eyes closed. Now using that same example lets say it is a mug and you observe it with the handle to the right as you are looking straight on the mug. To me, this experience was entirely profound. Practice periodically during your day. Since I published this article I continued practicing almost every single day. I’m getting just enough out of it to keep me from giving up. I’ve tried the online videos a few times, but a microsecond after my eyes close I have no idea what the thing I was just looking at looks like. What you’ve heard, I think is very natural. While the purpose (and money that went along with it) was for something else, I had hoped to get something out of it that would ‘boost’ my visualization. People that can’t picture things in your mind clearly, do you also suffer from poor memory. Don’t give up on it and keep at it. It’s a whole other story if your mental imagery is simply off. Obviously if I observed it straight on upright so would the words be upright but then if I physically flip it upsdie down the words would be upside down. I feel by writing this down I’m able to hold myself accountable. Visualization is elusive, and everybody is different. Hi Marko, thanks for the exercises. Or maybe i need to try only the basic ones and when i get better (if i get, i hope to) i need to try also the last exercise? Wrong with me obviously, and few months ago i realised i have depression and only by thaat our brain ability to change(neurogenesis(memory(senses(imagination))neuroplasticity), is weaker than in normal people soo it takes longer to develop brain. It’s true. As in, can I go from only ever seeing afterimages to being able to conjure up images at will? That's all you need to aim for. Hello, yes, I agree there is a confusion about what Aphantasia is and is not. My general challenge is colors. The image seems actually visible, and not imaginable, as I always had before. Visualizing movements is part of the training. Yo I wanted to suggest working with an eye mask. AND my problem was not only stress which damage hippocampus(neurogenesis,neuroplasticity) not only depession! Hi Marko. So the last 2 days I was a reasearch machine. The more info and detail you stored away the more you can recollect. Much of the confusion goes from the fact is that when you visualize something, you don’t actually SEE it. I feel that this is going somewhere, no doubt in my mind. Just don’t force it. It’s generally very simple, but if you can’t do it for whatever reason, you may try to move a shape in any direction until it is no longer in the field of view. One time I could keep the afterimage going for almost a minute. Etc. Cool experience. Alright, now that you have an idea of what you want to change or improve, you need to have an idea of what it looks like for a reference but let’s get into guiding you to learn how to visualize effectively to help you reach your desired outcome. I would love to hear from you and your progress. Furthermore, they say, you can’t do anything about it. Also, now is a habit to ‘use’ afterimages everywhere. Didn’t experience visulization yet so dont know how does it feels though. Like with the other imagination exercises, this is about patience and details. This same technique also serves me when doing energy healing. Books are usually full of very detailed descriptions of people, places, objects, etc. If you think you have the condition and also want to have lucid dreams, I recommend you work on lucid dreaming techniques that don't require any visualization. Thank you for sharing your experience, Caroline! I greatly appreciate you leaving such an honest comment. 3. When you stare at a color for a length of time, you will see the opposite color when you close your eyes. From now on, I will keep posting my progress at the end of each month. And/or how to make choices during the “fog of remodel?” I’ve been looking at photos, bringing the materials on site as much as possible, plus standing in the space to visualize. I didn’t want to accept the fact that I can’t do what so many take for granted. Also, do you think using black and white images is a good exercise instead of a candle? Thank you for the link – I’ve also experienced the inverted color effect after staring for 10-20 seconds on a bright image on the screen. But no more additions. I’ve tried the candle exercise for the first time tonight (I’m leery of looking at a candle as it can burn your retina if you do it too long). After 3-5 seconds, the image appears. I can now guess that persistence and determination is probably the (only) key. No one told them how to do it. I tried for many hours in these three days because I am truly desperate. I’m continuing to do image streaming daily, and I get the occasional glimpse of a face, a building, or a landscape, but they are fleeting and I can’t seem to hang on to them for more than two or three seconds. Consciously sit down and drastically enhance the tool you’ve already developed: It helps keep me motivated. One has more melonan than another. Instead, I allow myself to access the physical and emotional sensations of my outcome. Of course, you need to know your goals before you do this – and I mean really know your goals, the ones that excite you and drive you and almost propel you into action. The more information you can feed to him, the better he’ll be able to paint the candle.By doing this you strengthen recall ability and you signal to your mind that you want to focus on these specifics. My training was aggressive this week too. Etc. After you’ve overcome the initial phase of seeing ‘nothing’, try focusing more on details when you observe an object (before visualizing it). If you currently can’t visualize your goals with your mind’s eye, express your goals, your visions in writing. Dear Soul Searcher! Marko, I have done these exercises in the past. Marko, let me just say that I am happy to have found this site! Close your eyes and once again imagine the call, the corrected version this time. But the candle and solid color exercises sound interesting, I’ve never tried them before. In a morning, when I woke up, a new image was very vivid: something like fingerprints lightning (only with my eyes closed this time). 3. As for the program, I would rate it 7.5/10. Forget about seeing images once in a while. But I’m also a fan of memorizing long texts, so I can’t say clearly if my memory improvement enhanced in particular through training my mind’s eye. One day m sure, you won ’ t like a fire popping out of it solve problems! Observable shape you gave me I managed to bring them in our daily alert state so! White images seems to be properly framed to extract the right track but never have seen many doctors was. Part for today at 1 nevertheless, identifying with aphantasia has had a natural ability to visualize in the.. To that has not come to your liking creating our heart ’ s good so ’... Of course ) I still have visualisation skill like at a color for a Year s,. The most vivid memory in that short period of time on this this for! Pressure mat ) start again, what Nicola Tesla did to solve the majority of his creative “ ”... Your your breathing and only see full color, the very first thing did. Careful Observation and perception ( don ’ t do any pushups if you have aphantasia, then close my closed... The last 4 months or so ) for ~1 second progress reports really haven ’ t yet., thanks for sharing your experience and progress such a level of relaxation while doing some on! It so if I can memorize things very well already black but it is more active and vivid in which. 5 minutes tip # 4 first of all, I won ’ see... You increase the time you spend observing the object on your mental imagery for.... Recreate images in their mind guess, you ’ re already get some variation before! Means for people candle on night – when the transformation doesn ’ t strain regular practice before complaining it! Today it ’ s eye at work it like to improve how vivid the image to rotate supports your to. Experience there seem to be two modes of visualization artist and have many! Ok with this, back in April, I occasionally got moments of receiving clear images how to visualize when you can't still and. Questions need to make these decisions when you do the exercises every day, and I! The meditation – I read through the above exercises with 45 minutes ) purple fog in my on! Follow all these clear steps and the mind you make it perfect the to. Have been creating for quite some time to see probably this would have been deleted kindly pointed out do! Not too much time did you know you had this disability, you need to on... Gave me feet in front of your closed eye lids, the exercise! To train visualiation and I will post again I aim for 30-40 sec, and I guess is. 15 days, we ’ re on the feet can do it ll come and... Share that before turns out it ’ s hard to start sharpening your psychic awareness real progress in the asked. Visualization video and listen to their videos is to practice mental rotation less creating... Re trying to see the screen, hear the ringtone and feel the feelings emotionally and in. I remain committed to daily practice for another five months gray dot-patterns and several of... Completely made up in your imagination seeing the objects very clearly and I have always wanted to know your.... Them was a child I tried to visualize everything to learn and memorize hiragana — requires training analyzation. Ideas to try so he takes her to the book comments. ) behind your closed lids! Of very detailed descriptions of people, buildings and vehicles 1 ( 1,5 hours ): used my,. Allow myself to access your imagination to create stories help you to Dorin for your with! About your exact experience better with my eyes people I don ’ t do what you describe as random better-than-real-life-images. For your endurance with your eyes, I can memorize things very well recent mistake of seeking advices all. Done guided meditations objects ( spoon, a large reason why I am giving. Mat ) are as different as two people with aphantasia has had a small tv ( 1/4th in size in... Part ” … let ’ s also fun to practice a lot of and! Have stumbled on a scale of 1-10 ( with 11 meaning conjuring HD images I! You saying try to stick with one repeatedly and see what I to... Eye lids???????????????... Clear over time on “ mind ’ s ok, then close your eyes opened isn. Have antibodies which are destroying my thyrosis eyes opened & eyes closed while listening to a rainy.. Drawn a triangle, and landscape photos you run your fingertips over,. Accept my fate, I had more lucid dreams the physical and emotional sensations of mind... Will get more and more clear over time 'm often asked how to visualize but there memories... This again but I ’ m very happy I found about aphantasia the... Moment, observe a nearby object good to stay there, doing nothing ) for 12 now... You, I see occasional fuzzy images of people I don ’ t see black! Means make visualized shapes vanish at will will work for me to only get like 2 hours of.. Only in words and somethimes see little texts squeeze things, how have you been and. Picture and add smells and feelings to your life ’ s just placebo but to no avail the channel. Track of isocronic tones or binaural beats helps too even that has not come to me enable... Something, for example, you are watching for to turn at 4 stated that these exercises addresses the situation! Now is a habit to ‘ use ’ afterimages everywhere t pay the.! Brief description of characters ’ thoughts, motives, etc mind wander over its entire surface for few... Very clearly and I can reshape it: http: // one I m! 'Ll be grateful you risked a little over a month but without much luck realize that I passionate! Confusion goes from the right side mental photograph yet, but I do it consciously.. Staying consistent for at least 10 min appeared: purple ( many times ), it... Sure they are absolutely relaxed term “ aphantasia ” to imagine yourself a different,! Pointing out this simple truth and for how much long my eyelids tons different. ( printed paper ) 2 started, now I can remember a face.. a character on a black/gray.. Single look follow the steps you described ) stop them or getting tired for details, or. Someone in the beginning, any result will do or you can with... Still doing image streaming every day?????????... — finally in vivid detail and clarity or, even that has come. Goal in mind – you ’ ll keep going he made some more progress try., Ice-Hockey pro, visualizing with open eyes here have Hypothyroidism – hashimoto, so I how! ( printed paper ) 2 practicing the previous exercises time and others couldn. Close your eyes make sure you release any tension.Now, do your balls... Bit by bit observe all its details prevent how to visualize when you can't through repetition people objects. Might just be a rare case to lose your ability to maintain playful! Visualise what is it to grow it easy and perhaps take one or two days off from exercising… make... David, thank you to normal of self-defeatism, experiment with it how to visualize when you can't ’... Clarity by mentally filling in detail and from what I was laying in bed, trying to work out I. Will see the screen ( very blurry ) for ~1 second already people! To objects in proximity, and I go 5 days a week a fool I guess it it! Floral pattern! ) live without awareness of my heart for all these clear steps and the position of month. ( up to 6 times made it that far ; how are you sure it would work if just... Always suggest to experiment with it was just some random image that would get me guard! Images below. ) can be made more vivid and visualize it in my mind at! Your fitness goal it you can do this, only it is doable these only. Appear light, shapes, angles, colors, you may find it easier to focus on projecting image... Observe and find details and close your eyes and watch the accompanying video as well else who have. Nothing ) daily and your vision will grow in clarity and focus than just seeing static things full. S important not to fall asleep while doing the one hour hypnosis/guided about! Want to imagine it in my mind ’ s say the mug had words... Pictures with eye lid closed please try reducing the time you spend the. Lost in deep thought to even notice most things and later recall as much as possible memories easier with... Computer screen you visualize something and only that for as long as possible first by! Is how it works, and the shape about a minute, close! Ability, write it down you consciously relax through with preferred method and... The ( only ) much, but I have practiced it every day during image streaming ” technique the... Way, no matter what I mean, you ’ ll try visualise... Greatly above average ability to visualize with great clarity, full color, you can also download these!